SEattle River Yin Yoga, & Guided Hike

Balance yourself with restorative Yin Yoga, Release Inner Energy Beside a River


River Yin Yoga & Guided Hike

1 hour guided riverside hike, 75 minutes guided Yin Yoga,

energizing welcome drink, assorted artisanal teas, round trip transportation

USD $65/Adult | Group Discounts Available

Length 4 Hours, 7:30am-11:30am

Group Min. 4, Max 12


Yin Yoga is focused around a series of slow, soothing movements, used to very gradually stretch muscles and tendons, allowing the weight of your own limbs and gravity itself to allow you to sink into deeper states of relaxation.  Yin Yoga helps the body remain supple, and improves flexibility, no matter what your range of motion is.  During this half day tour, we will use the flowing energy of the water in the river beside us to guide the flow of the energy within our own bodies.  Unification between our bodies’ "rivers" of energy and the river that runs through the forest is a powerful for how we will use it to open energy blockages.

Our journey will start with a 20-30 minute walk along the river itself until we come to an open patch of ground by the riverbank.  During a 75-minute session, your guide will give instructions for methods of Yin Yoga practice and body postures based on the weather, the level of energy in the group, the group’s mood, and the time of day.  Along with the sound of the river’s energy beside us, we will wash away our troubles and let the stress in our bodies sink away with the gentle pull of gravity.  Following the session, we will walk back along the river and enjoy artisanal teas and vegan pastries before returning to downtown Seattle. 


Why book this tour?

  • Escape downtown Seattle, gently stress and relax your body with traditional Yin Yoga

  • Enjoy a healthy welcome drink to energize for our practice

  • Round trip transportation from downtown Seattle included 

  • 60 minutes total guided walk along the river

  • 75 minutes guided Yin Yoga with certified instructor (no experience necessary)

  • Artisanal teas & vegan pastry refreshments provided after practice


Tour highlights

your Instructor

Meijin Yoga.jpg

Meijin is a yoga and meditation practitioner of 14 years, experienced in Flow Yoga, Ashtanga, and Hatha Yoga. Meijin was taught the techniques of Pranayama breathing meditation by the founder of Pranayama, Shri O.P. Tiwariji. Meijin was the first person from China to receive a meditation instructor certification from the Yogaville Ashram in Virginia. As a former freediving national record holder, Meijin used her knowledge of breathing and deep relaxation to dive to greater depths on a single breath. She looks forward to leading more people through breathing and meditative practice in Washington’s forests with fresh air, far from urban distractions.

Further Qualifications:

  • 14 years Yoga practice.
  • Yin Yoga Instructor
  • 200 hour Certificate from the ARYM Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga
  • 150 hour Pranayama Instructor Certificate with Paul Dallaghan and Tiwariji
  • 50 hour Ashtanga Workshop with Richard Freeman


Service Schedule


You're just a couple of clicks away from this Seattle Forest Hike & Guided Meditation experience. If you reserve a private group tour, we'll pick you up and drop you off anywhere within the Greater Seattle metro area. 


  • Downtown Seattle pick-ups at hotels or the cruise terminal will begin at about 7:30am.  Please see our pick-up area in the map below.  If you're not staying within this area, please meet us at the Sheraton Seattle (1400 6th Ave.)  


  • We will depart the the forest area at about 11am and will begin drop-off service in downtown Seattle at approximately 11:30am, depending on traffic

tour includes

  • Downtown Seattle Hotel or Cruise Terminal Pick-Up and Drop-Off service
  • Transportation in our comfortable high-roof van with designated driver
  • 1 energizing welcome beverage to get you started in the morning
  • 1 hour guided hike along a river with waterfalls to explore
  • 75 guided Yin Yoga along the river with a certified Yin Yoga instructor 
  • Assorted artisan teas and vegan refreshments will be served before we return to Seattle
  • Complimentary use of yoga mat and yoga block
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Pick-up and drop-off service is provided to hotels located within the marked service area.  Additional pick-up and drop-off will be provided to the Seattle Cruise Terminals as well as the Ash Way Park & Ride.