San Juan Islands Seaplane & Hiking Tour


Take up to 4 passengers on a private seaplane and head north out to the wild outer San Juan Islands. Land at an isolated beach and your guide will take you to explore on foot. Enjoy delicious tapas before flying back.

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Price: USD $695/Passenger | 4 Passengers

Length 6.5 hrs

Tour Type: Private Experience


San Juan Islands Private Seaplane & Hiking Tour

This is an exclusive, private tour for up to just 7 guests!  Board a private seaplane and cruise past downtown Seattle before heading north over Puget Sound toward the wild Outer San Juan Islands--nearly an hour long flight!  The islands we fly to are undeveloped, uninhabited and are inaccessible via ferry!  Come experience untouched San Juan Island splendor for yourself on this private tour for up to 4 guests! 

After gliding over the rugged, densely forested coastline, your pilot will bring you in for a water landing at an isolated beach.  Once on shore, your wilderness guide will take you on a 2 hour excursion to explore the island's beaches and forests.  Enjoy delicious tapas and beverages before flying nearly an hour back to Seattle.  Complimentary pick-up and drop off service in downtown Seattle is included as well!


This combination private seaplane and island hiking experience is not available anywhere else.  On any given day, you'll be among just a handful of people to experience the rugged Outer San Juan Islands in this way.

2 Hour Private Seaplane Flight

Ever tour includes a round-trip flight between Seattle and the wild Outer San Juan Islands. Total flight time over Seattle, Puget Sound and the Islands is approximately 2 hours, round-trip.

Gourmet Tapas & Beverages Included

Enjoy delicious food amidst the island’s splendor before returning to Seattle. Dig your toes in the sand while enjoying complimentary hot and cold beverages along with a selection of gourmet finger food.

2 Hour Private Ground Tour

After cruising through the air, continue your adventure on foot as your wilderness guide takes you to explore the island’s beaches, cliffs and forests. Scout for wildlife and learn about the islands’ geologic history on this exclusive tour.  




  • Door-to-door transportation from Seattle’s cruise terminals, downtown area hotels and Sea-Tac Airport

  • Storage and transfer for up to 20 pieces of luggage when you select the optional luggage trailer

  • Full day charter transportation in our comfortable high-roof van with guide and designated driver

  • Exclusive Combination Experience

  • 2 Hour Private Seaplane Flight

  • Aerial & Ground Photography

  • Gourmet Tapas & Beverages Included

  • 2 Hour Private Ground Tour to explore the island’s beaches, cliffs and forests.



  • Gratuities, not required but always appreciated for good service (typical gratuities are 15% of your tour package)

  • Cost of lunch (unless optional outdoor picnic is arranged at the time of booking)


Tour itinerary

Seaplane Flight

Your tour begins at your preferred pick-up location in downtown Seattle where your guide drive you approximately 20 minutes to the seaplane base. You'll climb aboard a Cessna seaplane and begin taxiing over Lake Washington's calm waters. After takeoff, you'll find yourself soaring over Lake Washington preparing to fly by downtown Seattle. Snap amazing aerial photos of downtown, the Space Needle, boats dotting Lake Union, Ballard Canal, and the University of Washington as you fly just a few hundred feet above the ground. After turning north, you'll get incredible views on clear days of the snowcapped Cascade mountain range, Mt. Rainier to the south and Mt. Baker. Over the next 30 to 40 minutes, you'll fly over an increasingly rugged coastline as you head toward the wild Outer San Juan Islands. Your wilderness guide and pilot will share their knowledge with you about the area's history and its geologic past that shaped the landscape that we see today. As you come in for a landing, you'll spot the densely forested islands encircled by rocky shorelines below. Once making an ocean landing in an isolated lagoon, the pilot will taxi the plane to the beach where you'll get out to explore the island.

Island Tour & Naturalist Hike

Once on shore, your wilderness guide will lead you on a 2 hour excursion on foot. You'll hike over forested trails, wild beaches and the rugged cliffs that ring the island. Overall, the hike is on gently rolling terrain suitable for a wide range of physical fitness. For those with limited mobility or concerns about keeping up on the hike, the option is open to remain with the pilot at the plane on the beach to soak up the scenery and take photos. During the guided hike, you're guide will teach you about the island's natural history and lead you to the best spots to take incredible photos. Throughout our time on the island, we'll keep an eye out for wildlife, which may include bald eagles, harbor seals, sea lions, and maybe even a passing whale or two!

Catered Light Meal Included

Last, you'll be treated to a selection of delicious finger food and mixed beverages on the beach amidst the island's natural splendor. After boarding the seaplane, you'll fly south for nearly an hour, flying back over downtown Seattle and coming in for a soft water landing on Lake Washington. Once back on dry land, your guide will drive you back to downtown Seattle to drop you off at a location of your choosing.


Tour Details

This tour is typically schedule for a 9:00am to 2:30pm window. Actual tour times may vary due to uncontrollable factors such as traffic conditions, weather and air traffic control. As this is a private tour, if your group has other tour time requirements or if you’d like to extend your time in flight or on the island, please connect with us to discuss them.

Complimentary pick-up and drop-off service from downtown Seattle area hotels is provided within the green marked pick-up area.  Pick-up and drop-off service is also available at the cruise terminals, Pier 66 and Pier 91. Cruise passengers may keep their luggage onboard the vehicle for the duration of the tour. We cannot, however, be held liable for luggage lost due to theft.

Inclusive of Transfers

This tour can start at Seattle’s cruise terminals, Sea-Tac airport, or any hotels in and around downtown Seattle. At the end of the tour, we’ll drop you off at any of those points as well. Our tour vehicle has room for up to 20 pieces of luggage, so if you’ve just left a cruise or the airport, don’t worry! We’ll transfer your bags too at no extra charge.


Your tour includes door-to-door service from Seattle’s cruise terminals, any hotels located in or around downtown Seattle, or Sea-Tac Airport. This tour’s typical pick-up time is 9:00am. If your group requires a customized pick-up time due to your travel itinerary, please let us know at the time of check out.

Once we receive your booking, we will be in touch to confirm your pick-up location and time.  If you have any questions about trip logistics, please contact us at 888-365-9488 or send us an e-mail.

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The tour’s duration is 8 hours and your drop off will be at 5:00pm, depending on traffic. If you require additional use of the charter transportation after the conclusion of the tour, please let us know at check out. We can drop you off at any hotel in or around downtown Seattle, at Seattle’s cruise terminals or at Sea-Tac airport. If you require drop-off at another area outside of Seattle, we will do our best to accommodate you. Drop-off service for areas outside of Seattle may incur additional charges. We will discuss any applicable charges with you once we receive your booking.


Tour Route -

Flight Time is 2 hours

Your seaplane flight route begins at the southern end of Lake Washington. After taking off from the seaplane base, you’ll fly north over Lake Washington and then bank West over the University of Washington and the Ballard Locks. Once clear of the city, you’ll bank north over Puget Sound and make your way toward the San Juan Islands to their outermost fringe. Your return route, will follow a different course over Puget Sound and make a close flyby of downtown Seattle and the Space Needle before coming in for a soft landing on Lake Washington.

Note: Flight times are general estimates and may vary based on a number of factors. The plotted route above is a general representation. Your actual route of travel may vary. The pilot has the ultimate discretion to select the most suitable route of travel on the day of your tour based on weather, visibility and other factors


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